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A Splash Of Color _ A Mural Documentary

A Splash Of Color _ A Mural Documentary

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Photographer & Painter

Eric B. Ricks

With a spirit for adventure, Eric B. Ricks set out to pursue his passions on a larger scale, relocating to Maryland and D.C. to create and explore a bigger playground for his talents. His journey landed him as a world traveler, observing and learning the methods of prominent street artists and muralists. Growing his reputation, Ricks added gallery exhibitions to his resume, transforming plain white walls into urban works of art. Ultimately, Ricks went on to create Phoenix Fine Arts & Design; a progressive mural and design service focusing on capturing true colors and crisp graphics through the brush.

With success ever-evolving, Rick's passion and story still push boundaries today. Eric B. Ricks has inspired a generation of creatives through the walls, inspiring his fellow artists, with fresh perspectives and progressive expressions. With mural works displayed in Liberia, Nigeria, New York City, Philadelphia, Maryland, and Washington DC, his bright canvases of various styles have emerged, encouraging creativity and daring imagination, reminding all of us of the value of true artistic vision.




+1 (240) 364-4339

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